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Styles Originals is a The Hague City, Scheveningen beach based streetwear brand. We are a brand which has been born into street culture and urban sports. It's time to give back and create a new feeling.

Styles X Westcoast Scheveningen

Styles Originals

Designed to inspire

Styles Originals is making a positive impact in the community. We provide top quality must-have streetwear and inspire with professional artists in a range of art forms and skill levels. 

A word from our founder:

Hi Everyone, my name is Ben van der Linden, founder of Styles Originals. Let me tell you something about my journey that started some 25 years ago. It all started on the streets of my home town close to the beach, The Hague, Scheveningen, on the Westcoast of Holland. Me and my friends started to practice a variety of urban sports and arts and I felt that the physical aspect and positive energy that was generated together, jump started my passion for breakdancing, DJ-ing, graffiti, skating and various urban arts & hiphop lifestyles. We founded Styles Confidential crew and for more than 20 years we rocked the national and international breakdance scene. Through the years I’ve met and worked with so many people that inspired me. I’ve dedicated my working life on passing on the wisdom and try to inspire the youth therefore i established Styles Company. It is my firm belief that by bringing young people together the world could be a better place for Everyone! … Now it is time to give something back and take a new step in my wonderful journey. By starting the label, Styles Originals, we express ourselves and inspire others. My journey started 25 years ago. Now it’s time to continue. Join our team and we’ll continue this wonderful journey together. No matter who you are, no matter where you are. Stay positive! 

We are just getting started

We will keep dropping new designs for the Styles Originals collection leaving you with a variety of fresh gear.

Welcome to the movement and enjoy your Styles!

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